Songs from the Woods

by Vlesie

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released October 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Vlesie Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Let the Fire Die
Let the die tonight,
Our souls need rest
From the endless light,
To listen to the dream inside,
So let the fire die tonight.

Let the stars come shining through,
They are the guide that will lead to you.
They know which ancient tales are true,
So let the stars come shining through.

Let the cedar touch the sky,
It reaches up to the world on high.
Not knowing if you wonder why,
So let the cedar touch the sky.

Let the river reach the sea,
For it alone seeks it's destiny.
It flows along eternally.
So let the river reach the sea.

Quench your lamp, and walk along.
The road is charted in riddle song.
We'll know the night before it's gone,
So quench your lamp and walk along.

Let the fire burn inside,
To show when all else is cast aside,
The space in souls where sparks reside.
So let the fire burn inside.
Track Name: Emptiness
Like a bubble inside,
Like an empty room,
an empty place,
empty suit-case.

Empty bottle of wine,
like a nest,
with-out the birds.

Like a rails with-out the train,
Like a chair with-out the man.
Track Name: Snow
Dancing down a path in the snow,
Your feet trace over mine.
Dancing down a path in the snow,
All these feet tracing out time.

Snow falls, and melts away,
So our feet count only today.
Time melts, faster than snow.
Things are short, take notice.